2” 5T Standard Double J Hook


The 2” 5T standard double J hook is a heavy-duty and reliable tool for securing cargo during transportation. Its double J shape and high breaking load make it ideal for hauling and rigging jobs.

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Product Description


  • The 2” 5T standard double J hook is a heavy-duty and durable hook designed for securing and attaching cargo during transportation.
  • With a minimum breaking load of 5,000kgs/11,000Lbs, this hook is strong enough to handle even the heaviest loads.
  • Its double J shape provides a secure and reliable hold, making it a necessary tool for any hauling or rigging job.
  • The hook is made of high-quality materials and has a weight of only 0.24kg, making it lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Its standard size makes it compatible with most tie-down straps and chains.
  • Whether you’re hauling goods on a truck, trailer, or boat, this hook is a must-have for ensuring the safety and stability of your cargo.

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