Lever Hoist

Lever Hoist

First up, the ZHL-C lever hoist in this category is distinguished in the market for its economic viability; it doesn’t compromise on strength.

Boasting a lever handle crafted for peak strength and enhanced with insert roller bearings, its design is compact and robust.

Molded from stamped steel, it’s lightweight yet promises unwavering reliability.

Besides, its hand lever, fine-tuned with an optimal gear ratio, ensures minimal effort during operations.

The ZHL-D lever hoist isn’t far behind. Mirroring the features of the acclaimed Japanese “Vital” model, it guarantees safety with speedy returns.

A standout feature is its load-bearing side plate, deliberately detached from the brake support to shield against potential warping.

And if ever the handle meets a sudden halt due to shocks, rely on its cutting-edge locking-releasing mechanism for uninterrupted movement.

Overall, contact us today and invest in our lever hoist collection.

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