Double J Hook

Double J Hook

Our 1” 800kg double J hook in the category, feather-light at 0.036kg, offers an astounding breaking load of 800kgs or 1,760 lbs. Its construction assures strength without the burden of weight, making it a favored choice for versatile applications.

Scaling higher, the 1-1/16” 1.5T double J hook is another marvel. Despite its slightly heavier weight at 0.062kg, it showcases a formidable breaking limit of 1,500kgs or 3,300lbs, epitomizing strength and reliability in a compact form.

Similarly, the 1” 1.5T double J hook, weighing 0.068kg, mirrors the same breaking strength. A blend of optimal weight and unmatched strength, it stands as a testament to our commitment to quality.

In summary, contact us today and invest in this double J hook lineup.

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