Hand Winch Puller


The hand winch puller is a reliable and durable tool designed to effortlessly lift and pull heavy loads. With different capacities and multiple hooks, it is versatile and suitable for various applications.

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Product Description

Item No. Capacity B/S Gear Hook Line
ZHHP-HP-1 2000LBS 2500LBS 1 2 1
ZHHP-HP-1A 2000LBS 2500LBS 2 2 1
ZHHP-HP-2 4000LBS 4000LBS 1 2 2
ZHHP-HP-2A 4000LBS 5500LBS 2 2 2
ZHHP-HP-3 8000LBS 8000LBS 2 2 2
ZHHP-HP-4 8000LBS 8000LBS 2 3 2
ZHHP-HP-5 10000LBS 10000LBS 2 3 2
  • The hand winch puller is a reliable and durable tool that is designed to make heavy lifting and pulling tasks effortless.
  • With different capacities ranging from 2000LBS to 10000LBS, this hand winch puller can handle a variety of loads.
  • It features a high strength, ensuring safety and stability during operation.
  • The gear system allows for easy and smooth operation, while the multiple hooks provide versatility in securing the load.
  • The hand winch puller also comes with a strong and durable line, capable of withstanding heavy loads.
  • Whether you need to lift, lower, or pull heavy objects, this hand winch puller is the perfect solution for industrial, commercial, and recreational applications.

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