ZHL-D Lever Chain Hoist


Powerful and durable, the lever chain hoist is designed to make heavy lifting tasks easier and more efficient with its sturdy and compact design and high-efficiency gear system.

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Product Description

Manual chain hoist with orange casing and metal chain. Similar to Japan’s “Vital” model.


Easy of a quick return and safe.


The load-bearing side plate is independent of the brake support so that the side plate is protected against warping due to a local concentration of forces.


If the handle is locked under a shock load, the locking-releasing mechanism acts to set the handle free to move.

Technical drawings of different configurations of an anchor and chain system with labeled parts and varying tension loads indicated as 0.75t, 6t, and 9t.
Item No. ZHL-D-0.75T ZHL-D-1.5T ZHL-D-3T ZHL-D-6T ZHL-D-9T
Capacity (t) 0.75 1.5 3 6 9
Standard Lift (m) 1.5 1.5 0.5 1.5 1.5
Minimum Distance Between Hooks(H) (mm) 320 380 480 620 700
Effort Required To Lift Max Load (n) 140 220 320 340 360
No.of Load Chain Falls 1 1 1 2 3
Dimensions(mm) A 145 175 203 203 203
B 86 100 118 118 118
C 122 130 150 205 316
D 3 3 40 50 58
L 280 410 410 410 410
Net Weight (kg) 7.7 10.6 20 28 43
  • The lever chain hoist is a powerful and durable lifting tool that is designed to make heavy lifting tasks easier and more efficient.
  • It features a sturdy and compact design, with different weight capacities available to suit various lifting needs.
  • The hoist also has a high-efficiency gear system that allows for smooth and effortless lifting.
  • It is perfect for use in warehouses, factories, construction sites, and other industrial settings.

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