Lashing D Ring


Versatile and durable lashing D ring made from forged carbon steel, quenched and tempered for maximum strength. It can handle weights up to 20 tons and features a strong and reliable design for securing cargo and equipment.

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Rusted d-shackle next to a technical drawing with labeled dimensions.

Forged Carbon Steel
Quenched & Tempered

Item No. Dimensions(mm) M.B.S
A B C D (ton)
DR004-1T 52 41 13 37 1
DR004-2T 60 42 14 40 2
DR004-3T 60 45 17 42.5 3
DR004- 5T 74 55 22 61 5
DR004-8T 88 70 26.5 70.5 8
DR004-15T 120 97 34 90 15
DR004-20T 87 90 18 80 20
  • The lashing D ring is a versatile and durable tool used for securing cargo and equipment on trucks, trailers, and other types of vehicles.
  • Made from forged carbon steel and quenched and tempered for maximum strength and durability, this D ring comes in various sizes and can handle weights up to 20 tons.
  • It features a strong and reliable design with a large opening for easy attachment of straps or chains.
  • This product is essential for the transportation or logistics industry and is built to withstand heavy use and extreme conditions.

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