Horizontal Plate Lifting Clamp ZHHC-A Type


Sturdy and reliable horizontal plate lifting clamp for lifting and transporting heavy steel plates. Compact design for easy use and storage.

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Product Description

Lifting clamps next to their technical drawing.

Item No. Capacity(t) Test load(kn) Jaw open(mm) A(max) B C D(max) E
ZHHC-A-0.75T 0.75 11.03 0-25 25 125 50 175 25
ZHHC-A-1T 1 14.71 0-30 30 156 65 200 30
ZHHC-A-1.5T 1.5 22.06 0-30 30 161 65 205 30
ZHHC-A-2.5T 2.5 29.42 0-35 35 201 83 245 35
  • The horizontal plate lifting clamp is a durable and reliable tool designed for lifting and transporting steel plates and other materials.
  • With a maximum capacity of 2.5 tons, this clamp is suitable for various industrial and construction applications.
  • It features a sturdy jaw that can open up to 35mm and is equipped with a safety mechanism to hold the load in place securely.
  • The compact design allows for easy handling and storage, making it a practical and efficient solution for your lifting needs.

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