Sheet Lifting Clamp ZHHC-L Type


The ZHHC-L type sheet lifting clamp is a strong and versatile tool for lifting and moving sheets of various materials, with a range of capacities and a compact design for easy use and storage.

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Product Description

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Item No. Capacity (kg) Test load (kg) Jaw open (mm) Size mm
ZHHC-L-0.75T 750 1500 0-15 95 160 32
ZHHC-L-1.5T 1500 3000 0-25 148 250 48
ZHHC-L-2.5T 2500 5000 25-50 178 310 55
ZHHC-L-3T 3000 6000 0-40 195 310 62
ZHHC-L-5T 5000 10000 50-80 220 310 68
  • The ZHHC-L type sheet lifting clamp is a sturdy and reliable lifting tool designed to safely and efficiently lift and move sheets of various materials.
  • With a range of capacities from 0.75T to 5T and a jaw opening of 0-80mm, this clamp is suitable for a wide range of sheet sizes and weights.
  • Its compact design allows easy operation and storage, while its durable construction ensures long-lasting use.

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