Sorting Hook


Heavy-duty sorting hook with 2 ton working load limit at tip and 7-1/2 ton at bottom. Durable with 9-11/16″ length, 1-3/8″ I.D., and 2-13/16″ opening.

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Product Description

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Item No. ZHG70-SH-1
Working Load Limit at Tip(tons) 2
Working Load Limit at Bottom(tons) 7-1/2
Overall Length L 9-11/16
I.D. of Eye A 1-3/8
Opening at the Top of the Hook O 2-13/16
Radius at Bottom of Hook R 5/8″
  • The sorting hook is a heavy-duty lifting tool designed for sorting, lifting, and positioning loads.
  • It has a strong working load limit of 2 tons at the tip and 7-1/2 tons at the bottom, making it perfect for a variety of industrial and construction applications.
  • The hook features a durable construction with an overall length of 9-11/16 inches, an I.D. of 1-3/8 inches, and an opening of 2-13/16 inches.
  • The radius at the bottom of the hook is 5/8 inches, providing a secure grip on the load.
  • This sorting hook is an essential tool for any lifting and sorting job.

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