Stainless Steel Hand Winch


The stainless steel hand winch is a durable and versatile tool, available in three different capacities, designed for lifting and pulling tasks in various industries.

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Item No. HWS-01 HWS-02 HWS-03
Capacity 1200LBS 1800LBS 2600LBS
Test Load Kn 8 12 17.5
Transmission Ratio 4.2:1 5:1 10:01
Dimensions A 48 60 75
B 134 180 180
C 51 60 63
D 157 190 209
E 27 27 27
F 273 288 307
G 110 110 110
H 156 203 216
J 184 246 294
R 208 319 319
Net Weight (no wire rope) kg 3.7 8.1 10.3
  • The stainless steel hand winch is a heavy-duty, reliable tool designed for lifting and pulling tasks in various industries.
  • It features a sturdy stainless steel construction, ensuring durability and corrosion resistance.
  • With three different capacities ranging from 1200lbs to 2600lbs, this hand winch provides flexibility for various load requirements.
  • The transmission ratio of each model ensures efficient power transfer, allowing for easy and smooth operation.
  • The winch is equipped with a comfortable handle for a secure grip and effortless cranking.
  • Its compact design and lightweight make it portable and easy to use in different locations.
  • The net weight, without a wire rope, ranges from 3.7kg to 10.3kg, further enhancing its transportability.
  • Whether you need to lift heavy objects or pull loads, the stainless steel hand winch is a reliable choice that offers strength, durability, and convenience.

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