Pipe Lifting Clamp ZHHC-RS Type


Elevate efficiency with Grandlifting’s red and yellow ZHHC-RS type pipe lifting clamp, designed from metal and fine-tuned to the INCH system.

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Product Description



Item No. Working load (kg) Testing load (kg) Opening size (mm) Size (mm)
ZHHC-RS-0.4T 400 800 φ80-φ100 230 145
ZHHC-RS-0.5T 500 1000 φ100-φ120 270 208
ZHHC-RS-0.75T 750 1500 φ120-φ140 292 237
ZHHC-RS-1T 1000 2000 φ140-φ160 328 258


Crafted from the sturdiest metals, this ZHHC-RS type pipe lifting clamp embodies strength and dependability. Adding to its finesse is its alignment with the INCH measurement system, echoing American benchmarks and assuring an exceptional fit.


Take a peek at our offerings: For the ZHHC-RS-0.4T, expect a working load of 400kg, a tested threshold of 800kg, and an accommodating opening size from φ80-φ100mm.


The ZHHC-RS-0.5T boasts a working capacity of 500kg and comfortably fits pipes from φ100-φ120mm. As for the ZHHC-RS-0.75T impressively shoulders up to 750kg and is crafted for pipes between φ120-φ140mm.


Further, the ZHHC-RS-1T, a true heavyweight, manages an impressive 1000kg and is perfect for pipes between φ140-φ160mm.


In summary, contact us today and order our products.

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