Plate Lifting Clamp ZHHC-LA Type


Dive into a world of impeccable lifting with Grandlifting’s ZHHC-LA type plate lifting clamp, adorned in a captivating mix of yellow and blue.

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Product Description

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Item No. Capacity (kg) Test load (kg) Jaw open (mm) Size (mm)
ZHHC-LA-2T 2000 4000 0-50 135 174 60
ZHHC-LA-3T 3000 6000 5-60 162 243 70
ZHHC-LA-4.5T 4500 9000 10-80 190 310 80
ZHHC-LA-6T 6000 12000 10-100 225 370 90


Made of durable metal, the ZHHC-LA type plate lifting clamp assures lasting performance with every lift. Designed meticulously around the INCH measurement system, it aligns effortlessly with American operational benchmarks.


Meet our range tailored for diverse lifting needs, the ZHHC-LA-2T champions a capacity of 2000kg, with a test load reaching 4000kg, suitable for jaws opening up to 0-50mm.


ZHHC-LA-3T effortlessly accommodates 3000kg, safety-tested up to 6000kg, and caters to a 5-60mm jaw span.


Our ZHHC-LA-4.5T flexes its strength with a 4500kg capacity, rigorously tested to 9000kg, fitting 10-80mm jaws. In addition, the powerful ZHHC-LA-6T stands tall with a 6000kg limit, tested to a robust 12000kg, and perfect for 10-100mm jaws.


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