6X7+IWS Stainless Steel Wire Rope

Step into unmatched reliability with Grandlifting’s 6X7+IWS stainless steel wire rope, crafted from carbon steel 72A, ideal for fencing and cold heading steel,

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Meticulously crafted using the robust carbon steel 72A, the wire rope promises longevity and resilience.


With diameters available from 2-60mm, it caters to a broad spectrum of needs. Plus, exhibiting Nominal T/S values from 1470 to 1870 N/mm2, its strength remains unquestioned.


Meeting the AiSi standard, our stainless steel wire rope is an exceptional fit for fencing projects and is specially designed for cold-heading steel applications.


To add a feather to its cap, our precision cutting service perfectly fits your distinct requirements. Hence, contact us today and order it.

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