Mini Electric Hoist with Trolley


Compact and powerful mini electric hoist with trolley for heavy lifting tasks. Lifting capacity of up to 600kg and 12m lifting height.

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Product Description

Item No. Lifting Capacity
Rated Volt Lifting Height


Load Of Moving Vehicle Speed Of Moving Vehicle
(kg) (V) (m) (t) (m/min)
ZHMN-1A 100/200 100/110/120/220/230/240
12/6 0.5 13
ZHMN-2A 125/250
ZHMN-3A 150/300
ZHMN-4A 200/400
ZHMN-5A 250/500
ZHMN-6A 300/600 1
ZHMN-7A 350/700 220/230/240
ZHMN-8A 400/800
ZHMN-9A 500/1000
ZHMN-10A 600/1200


  • The mini electric hoist with the trolley is a compact and powerful lifting tool designed to make heavy lifting tasks easier.
  • It has a lifting capacity of up to 600kg and a lifting height of up to 12 meters, making it perfect for various industrial and construction applications.
  • The hoist also comes with a trolley for easy movement and a choice of single or double hook options.
  • It can operate at different voltages and has a fast speed of moving vehicles up to 13 meters per minute.
  • With its sturdy construction and high-quality materials, this mini electric hoist with the trolley is a reliable and efficient choice for any lifting needs.

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