Lifting Wire Rope

Elevate lifting standards with Grandlifting’s lifting wire rope range, from 6×25FI+IWRC to 6×37S+IWRC, featuring the zenith of strength and durability.

SKU: 6X25FI+IWRC/6X36WS+IWRC/6X37S+IWRC Category:


Our premium range of lifting-purpose wire ropes is crafted meticulously for all your heavy-duty needs.


With configurations such as 6×25FI+IWRC, 6×36WS+ IWRC, and 6×37S+IWRC, they are a testament to strength and precision. Plus, they aren’t just ropes; they’re an assurance of safety, durability, and reliability.


In conclusion, contact us today and invest in these lifting-purpose wire ropes. Choose reliability, choose excellence.


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